Cooling and NVRAM




Whats NVRAM?
Is it better or worse than SDRAM?

And im making a cooling device for my computer and i was wondering if anyone knows any materia that is a poor thermal conductor, or a very good thermal conductor. Any ideas anyone?

P.S Does anyone know any SMALL program that checks the temperature in your computer and any program that can recover deleted files? D.S


I thought NVRAM meant Non-volatile ram. SDRAM stands for synchronus dynamic ram. There is a difference… sdram is a type of chip, and nvram is the ram that is in your computers memory.

Someone please correct me if I am wrong


I agree with Cloakdoa


I still dont get it!
COuld you explain anyt further or redirect me to some page?


Try this link. It might help. It describes memory. :wink:


thanx dude, it really helped and i learnt a lot of other things


It is a useful site for explaining a bunch of stuff about ram. …