Cool Web site about US Gas Prices

this is cool…

Stupid west coast :a:a! Pretty cool website except for the fact that i’m paying over $3 a gallon:a

Cheap gas… here people (not me :bigsmile: ) pay EUR 1.45 per liter…so don’t start complaining about high gas prices :wink:

how far do you have to drive every day?

I agree it’s $1.50 a litre here

110KM’s … which turns out approximately $60 / wk with a 1.8l car, just under 12 mnths old.

For the US of A … about $45US a week.

Awww poor you. Here, you can have my price instead :stuck_out_tongue:

In england i believe the average is about 98p per litre… which is about €1.44 euros and about $1.83 , so for me to fill up the car with a us gallon here, would cost roughly $7.32

99.1p per litre here in Scotland.
I just bought a new car and the fuel tank holds 60 litres.
I just filled it up. :sad:

eesh I hope all americans end up worse off than the rest of us poor sods in europe i mean wtf? Loads of americans drive around in the MPV, SUV etc’s and are chugging petrol away like theres no tomorow. If theres any place that needs higher gas prices its the US. I mean I know us in the UK won’t benefit from them getting higher prices, but at least the ozone layer would.

yup… without catalytic converters :eek:

hmm i really do wonder if Sadam’s downfall = cheaper oil prices for the US :eek:

if you’re going to knock the US for its oil consumption, be ready to knock Asia as well:

Yes if you equal developing countries and the usa… The mideast is quite good at saving oil, I didnt expect that.

Got my car on January 20 of this year and it is on 9,350 km today…

It was about that here in Bristol, the last time I looked. Everytime my mum passes the pumps at ASDA, she ends up complaining all the way home. :bigsmile:

Not me…I drive an '03 Taurus which gets close to 28 miles/gallon. IF I drive like a granny…

Tis interesting that … carbon monoxide + unburnt oil/fuel = sulphur dioxide.

That way, all those nasty combustible gasses can be turned into sulphurous acid in the atmosphere, & kill everything on the ground when it comes back down :wink:


Thanks mija - now I’m really pi$$ed - we pay $3.31 and its $2.51 in Oklahoma City - WHY???


I wouldn’t have said that. Now all the Europeans and Aussies are going to jump down your throat:eek: