Cool new toy



This is media-related, actually…

Just went to CompUSA today and bought a “Royal MD100 Paper Shredder & Media Destroyer”. Cost: $80 U.S. + tax. Amazon has them too. Here ya go.

This is a stout little unit. I’m sitting here shredding DVDs and CDs while I type. It shreds them confetti-style, but optical media is so brittle that the actual pieces end up far smaller because they also shatter as they go thru. For me, this far beats the less expensive models that merely add pits and ripples to the disk, but otherwise keep it intact. I mean, it may then be unreadable, but you can still read the label if you put it on w/a Sharpie!

So far I’ve destroyed about 20 disks. This isn’t an industrial-grade machine; the manual says you can run it for about 2 minutes straight, then let it rest for 4 minutes.

And it also actually destroys floppies. It had a little trouble w/the first one I put in, but I hit the reverse button and sent it back thru. And I mean destroyed–steel center hub and all.

It also does paper, 7 sheets at a time, but you have to fold them in half (the slot is shaped for floppies and optical disks). I have a regular paper shredder for that.

But as far as destroying optical disks, this sure beats sitting over a trash can w/a pair of tin snips. :cool: And a lot more secure, identity-theft-wise. Hope it lasts a while. :slight_smile: