Cool name for a beer alliance



I need a cool name for a beer alliance. The name or slogan has to be printed on the shirt. The rules for the alliance is simple:

  1. We must consume alcohol at least once a month together
  2. We must wear the alliance shirt
  3. We must get drunk


A beer alliance?
How about “THE BEER ALLIANCE” :smiley:


On the front:
(We) drink,
(We) drank,
(We get) drunk

On the back:
I am with him:



hehe funny but the beer alliance sounds pretty boring.


I have never heard of a beer alliance so for me a pair of guys running around with “THE BEER ALLIANCE” printed on their backs would be totally strange and mysterious.


Round-table of Brewders.

Brewders in Arms.


Band of brewders? :smiley:


Buds N Suds






Let us know what name you chose…I am curious now…


Beer for Brekfast


D.r.u.n.k. (Drunken Rebels Uncap Numerous Kegs)


Like the T-Shirt I see all over the internet:

Helping Ugly
People have
Sex since


I haven’t decided yet still thinking of a very very cool name for the alliance but I think I will use vantim’s on the back of the T-shirt.
But is still looking for a name and a cool slogan


Okay, no offense intended :slight_smile:

DUFF (Drunken Ugly FistF***ers)
KINGS (Kool Idiots Never Get Sober)
SWAT (Some Weird Alcoholic Terrorists)

or what about

Medicine Men
Hangover Clowns
Bee Gees (BEEr GEEks)