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As laptops shrink in size, their speakers can seem like an afterthought, quiet and mediocre at best and tinny at worst. Fortunately, a couple manufacturers have released clip-on speakers for those times when you need a more powerful audio punch.

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When traveling, I dread listening to music or playing a movie on my netbook, unless I have earbuds/headphones plugged into it.

#3 has a speaker for laptops/netbooks that plugs into a USB port which is available now.


Quite a nice accessory for the road warrior or anyone that travels frequently with a laptop.


Seems they invented the perpetuum mobile :rolleyes:

Capable of [B]22 watts RMS[/B] of amplification, the A20COSB09 speakers simply plug into the USB port of your notebook
Well, the rated power output of an USB port is 2.5 W.

Any questions? :bigsmile:



Would hardly be an AMPLIFIER if it didn’t AMPLIFY would it?

From chambers online dictionary:

“amplifier noun 1 an electronic device that amplifies the strength of an electrical or radio signal without appreciably altering its characteristics, used in audio equipment, radio and television sets, etc. 2 photog a lens that enlarges the field of vision”.

ps Would that be “perpetual” as in motion?

perpetual adj 1 everlasting; eternal; continuous; permanent • in perpetual bliss. 2 continual; continually recurring • perpetual quarrels. 3 blooming continuously. perpetually adverb.
ETYMOLOGY: 14c: from Latin perpetualis, from perpetuus uninterrupted.


[QUOTE=tragic1;2474002]Would hardly be an AMPLIFIER if it didn’t AMPLIFY would it?[/quote]And where does this amplifier take the energy from in order to be able to do its job?
The law of energy conservation still applies.

From chambers online dictionary:
A dictionary is not useful to explain the physics of an amplifier.

ps Would that be “perpetual” as in motion?
This one:



Come on Michael and tragic1, please don’t stop now, it was just getting interesting(it was already funny!)