Cool Honda commercial no computers and took 606 tries.

Originally posted by Brandono no computers and took 606 tries.

606 tries! What a waste of time and money. With use of computers and cd burners :wink: they could have saved a lot of money and passed the savings on to buyers by lowering the price of the car.

As a project it was a good idea and a great accomplishment. Very well done too. I always admire persistency and determination. However, not when it is not cost effective.

commercial is good but the car :Z

I’ve posted the direct link to download the full quicktime mov in the Quest for Longest thread thread sometime ago.

Click here to dl the file. This link explains about the 600+ takes before getting the ad right.
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Reminds me of a small film I saw years ago ‘Der lauf des Dinges’ I believe it was called. There too they had all these things that were ‘connected’ like in this commercial…great stuff.