Cool Edit Pro's CD burning plug-in



I am searching for this, as I really need it. I realize that it has essentially been discontinued for over 4 years, but it really would help me alot.

Does anyone know where I can get the burning plug-in?


Tough order… Syntrillium Software was bought by Adobe and the product has been renamed to Adobe Auditon. I used to have Cool Edit Pro long ago and for the life of me can’t find the disc I burned it on… Sorry. Perhaps you can contact Adobe.


I actually tried this to no avail. Too bad audition is not reasonably priced.


i looked also and found nothing…y don’t u just use a standard freeware burning app?


Unfortunately, I needed the one within Cool Edit to achieve the effect I wanted.

I’m producing an album by one of my bands, and I wanted to have it seamless, as it is an ambient project, but also to have a different poem at the beginning of each CD printed.

Within Cool Edit Pro, I would just have to put up cue markers, and then the samples can be interchangable.

With the volume of the CDs I’m putting out, it just wouldn’t work another way. It would be impractical to say export a wav file from the program (a good amount of time, considering its length) and then set up cues in Nero. It would be a combined time of like 15 minutes or more for each CD to burn.

Thanks for the concern, though. :slight_smile:


Not sure I fully understand what you are doing, put perhaps CDRWIN and David Ching’s CDRCue can help you with your project.


are you talking about track to track in a sense…i.e…cue point being from track 1 to track 2 etc…(seamless integration from 1 track to the next…like a live album has)?

from adobe

“The Syntrillium CD Burning Plug-in (beta) is no longer available for download and it is Adobe policy to not distribute beta software to the public. Since the plug-in was beta software and never released in its final form, no Adobe technical support is available for the plug-in. It is not expected or supported for this plug-in to work within Adobe Audition 1.0. Adobe does not comment on plans for future features, but CD burning will remain under consideration for future versions of Adobe Audition.”

read this also


Drop me a PM… i may have what you’re after.