Cool Edit Pro v2.0 released

Syntrillium released version 2.0 of their popular audio editor Cool Edit Pro.
What’s new:
128 stereo tracks
New Real-time effects and looping tools
New effects and tools
Mixer console window
More envelope support in multitrack for automation
CD ripping
MIDI playback
Video (.AVI) soundtrack editing
Group Waveform (RMS) Normalize for making multiple files all the same overall volume
Easy batch conversion of file types and formats
Improved Frequency Analysis
Instant undo AND redo - no waiting to store the undo layer for most operations
US-428 and Red Rover hardware controller support
An improved and streamlined interface.

Download a demo version :(19.34 MB)

That is too big for a download, think I will leave it.

We are not all on broadband :frowning: maybe in a few years when BT have made more money :rolleyes:

Greetz all the same from The Diplomat :smiley: