Cool Edit/ Nero 6



Not really a total newbie & Not sure if this is the right forum to post this but…I have an mp3 compilation mix that is 3 hrs (50 songs) long. I used cool edit to create separate tracks. When I try to use Nero to burn the mix to disc without the 2 second gap, the option is not there. I have used this same process to burn an “Audio CD” mix (15-20 songs, 80 min. long) with Nero & it worked fine. Am I doing something wrong, or is this just not possible with an extremely long MP3 file? It seems like there should be SOMETHING out there that would allow you to do this, considering the proliferation of MP3 players that are out now!!! Any help would be appreciated!!!


Are you trying to burn an audio CD or a data CD?

Audio: 80 minutes of music max => You can’t burn 3 hours of music in an audio CD.

Data: 700MB of data max. => You can burn an MP3 file as long as 700MB, but you can’t play it in a typical audio player.


Thats correct, it is a different format at bit per second. You need a special player that will play mp3 and it will not give u an option in nero to add the 2 second gap.


I know about the difference between audio cd & mp3 cd. I was just wondering if you were to make an Mixed MP3 cd(up to 700mb), is there a way to show tracks & delete the 2 second gap like you can with an Mixed audio cd (80 min). For example…A 3 1/2 hr concert with no gaps between songs & the ability to jump from track 1 to track 37. I’m trying to make a best of “Live” Led Zeppelin cd, and I want to put about 45-50 songs on it, but NOT have the 2 second gap between songs but have individual tracks.