Cooking oil cooling?!

That dream of a totally silent high-spec PC could be yours for the price of a modified case and 8 gallons of cooking oil! A group of wacky Germans have dared to do what everyone else would think insane from this story at Tom’s Hardware site. Wonder if that trick would work on my overheating surround-sound amp? Wonder if the remote control would work through the oil? :eek:

Thats an old trick :stuck_out_tongue:
Works perfectly and its very quiet.

Yeah apparently some old IBM mainframes used oil cooling to keep their magnetic core memory cool. The cases actually had a dipstick! (not the user) I’ve no idea how much the oil would heat up but I wouldn’t fancy my living room smelling like the local chipper for sure.

I have seen people do this lots of times though they did a bit nicer job with the case than some I have seen (it would seem that just using a plastic tub seems to be common with home experimenters). I’ve been thinking about doing it with one of my older, junkier computers, just to see if I can do it. Transformer oil is suposed to work very well and you do not have to seal the cpu if you use it (at lest with setups with older cpu’s it worked). Hot spots also seem to have been a problem (you need some sort of pump to circulate the oil). I wonder if the kind of high capacity of oil they used helped with that. The other problem is contamination of the oil (particularlly moisture) can make things go zap. There are aparentlly some coolants designed specifically for submerged electronics avalable out there too. Here are a few oil cooled computers I found searching breiflly and there are lots of others out there. It would be fun to try!!