Convicted music pirate faces up to five years in prison

I just posted the article Convicted music pirate faces up to five years in prison.

jet5y and GristyMcFisty both let us know that last Friday BBC News posted an
article in which we can read that a 21 year old man, Mark Shumaker from Florida, faces up to…

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Weird. I thought Operation Buccaneer was only about busting the DoD (Drink Or Die) warez release group. Either they busted a lot more last year than previously mentioned, or it’s an ongoing Operation, covering more than just warez now.

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sry for the doublepost

I personally think it’s an ongoing thing…

Too bad for him. I expect most of the small groups to fall in the net during the next 5 years or so. The big ones will remain though… …In my country they sue and convict the ones who steal $20 and respect the ones who steal $1,000,000. Same thing here… Makes me sick.

Good thing my local child molester will get only 6 months in prison. Our justice system sucks!:frowning:

5 years of jail for these things…law is going mad!!
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He won’t get 5 years (moly likely nothing over 33 months) But that’s still bad. Federal prison, plus a felony to his name forever. Try to get a job after that!

if you kill sum1 in my country Cuba you get 5 years in jail