Convicted DVD she-pirate escapes tagging for fashion reasons

I just posted the article Convicted DVD she-pirate escapes tagging for fashion reasons.

In this
bizarre, but tender, legal drama, a woman was spared the humiliation of the dreaded ankle bracelet tagging
whilst being sentenced in a UK courtroom. She said it would…

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wait wait wait… tell me again why she’d be under house arrest and have to be tracked? What heinous crimes is she going to commit in the outside world, since what she did was right in her own home (far as I am guessing)? Silly wankers. Nice argument. I’d take the kilt, but I like hangin’ out.

I always wanted to use the term she-pirate! :stuck_out_tongue:

thats sexist, she shouldnt get any special treatment!!!

Use whatever works to win and arguement:)

OMG SHE COULD COPY 3 MOVIES AT A TIME. That’s impossible i don’t believe it.

After reading the referenced article and considering the size of the fine, costs and sentence - vs. the 405 pirated dvd’s in her home - one has to wonder who in this little soap opera is actually being more criminal.

Kilts? In my country plenty of guys show off their ankles by wearing special trousers that have no material from the knees down. We call them “shorts.” I thought they were common everywhere.

If you read to the bottom of the article, she’s not the first one to lose the tracker for the same damn reason. But then again, I’m all for women walking around in short skirts. Hell they oughta make them wear miniskirts for the duration that they would have worn the tracker.

Im sure if you saw a picture of her, we would prefer she wore the trousers and the anklet…

“and equipment that could copy three films at once.”!!! wow… what do u think will happen to the Police when they into a CD-Freak Lair :stuck_out_tongue: currently… 2xDVD-Burners 3xCombos 10xCD-RWs!!! i wonder what will they do with OC-Freak :B with his Gallery of The Thousand Burners :stuck_out_tongue: