Convetx2dvd impressive but!

Just been giving this a trial again and it’s certainly got better .I’m a diehard Winavi user but tried out the latest version (after recommendation)of this with impressive results .But I seem to have a problem with features being activated that I don’t want on . When I convert an Avi to DVD it does a good job ,and its miles faster than it used to be (Don’t know that it’s as fast as Winavi), but the one problem that remains is , when the film is finished ,it automatically starts again , I do not have the loop dvd feature checked either ,I dloaded the manual to read and check what features were for,but all the loop features etc , I have set to off ,but every film processed does the same ,on different DVD players as well ,so its not specific to the type of player , is this a bug or is something interfering with the VSO installation .Would love any help if available , maybe try setting the loop feature to on and saving , then switching it off and saving again to see if it will go away . I’m impressed with the new amount of file formats this new edition handles ,but this continuous looping of the film means the DVD player doesn’t stop .I know I should wake up and switch it off rather than keep falling asleep late at night , but Winavi films always stop at the end of the Disk ,VSO films do not, then my TV will auto shut down when it receives no signal from the DVd player . :confused:

Correct DVD behaviour is to start first track after track is played, unless instructed to continue to next track. After last track on disk DVD player always returns to play first track.
That is why first track is always menu.

To get a disk that starts playing movie and stops after it is played use:
[x] menu
[ ] continuous play (this is not really affecting, keep it on if movie is split to multiple tracks)
[ ] loop playback

That simple.
And yes - quality is much better than WinAvi.

Thanks for your quick answer , will give it a try ,didn’t want a menu if possible so will play with your recommended settings,Winavi converts to a auto start movie then stops DVD playback once film has finished ,different program different methods I suppose :slight_smile: .Will see what happens with new method . Thanks for your help . :slight_smile:

If you check on result that WinAvi has produced - there is blank menu entry and same settings used.
There is no other option to do this.

Thanks for the help JJ , so what your saying is , Winavi produces a blank menu which you can’t see ? that auto starts the film , thus allowing the DVD to have a stop point , I’ve just had a good look round all the options of Winavi , and can’t find any kind of Menu option at all , tried the menu option with VSO and now the film stops at the end , but I have to have a menu and then start the film manually at the beginning ? , is there no way I can have a blank auto start menu with the VSO software . All avi I convert with Winavi will auto start the film without a menu or splash screen , then when the film has ended , the DVD player splash screen appears ,and no signals are sent to the TV allowing it to auto shut down after 15 mins .I know I should stay awake and watch the film , but that settee just keeps forcing me to go to sleep :smiley: :smiley: .I’ve read through the manual and it says that if I tick option

  1. Auto start playback = Will start film automatically without
    showing menu (even if there is one)

As long as I have the menu as marked to on ,will the film stop at the end or will it keep auto starting as marked in opt.1 ,producing that unwanted film playing loop that I don’t want again ? Sorry for all these questions , your saving me a few blank DVD by helping me here . Winavi seems to have gone stagnant these days where as VSO Convert has come on leaps and bounds these days and will probably deserve me upgrading to the new software :slight_smile:

Yes, if you add [x] auto start playback then first track will be played, and after movie is finished, it will stop to menu.

Thanks again for your help ,will try this on my next conversion and see what happens :slight_smile: