Convetx instructions?

i have convertxtodvd (andwinavi) im trying to burn my movies to watch on my tv. (it seems to work fine on anything else.) i have movies in avi format (some in one file and some in two) and i keep trying different settings to convert and burn but i honestly have no clue what im doing. i dont see any instructions with the program.
i have been putting the avi files in convertx, converting to dvd?dvd video? and then burning at as low as 2.4 speed. im using maxel dvd-r, and ive tried magnavox dvd+r. i have an optiarc burner. heres the odd part, it worked once. when i tried to do it again (it was in two parts and in the wrong order) it wouldnt work. it also had only the vso menu screen. any advice on what to do or where to find instructions would be great. thanks.

Get better media, like Verbatim.

the lists i’ve found show my discs as either top bracket or middle of the road. so why would this help? and why would one of the discs work? i just assumed i didnt know what i was doing.

there is a quickie guide to convertxtodvd here. reset all your settings back to default. the only setting you should need to change is burn speed at 8x. look here

or try dvd flick

do you know the Media ID of your blank media? download dvd identifier and check digitalFAQ for the quality of your disc.

After you add the 2 files into convertx just make double sure they are in the right order, 1st would be the top file and so on…

The OP would be better off checking the MID and asking here IMO. That site isn’t the most accurate. :wink:

Yep, default settings in ConvertX have always worked for me, not a dud conversion yet. But saying that, I never did anything in two chunks before.

And 8x is a good burn speed, it’s how mine is set :iagree:

sorry off topic here.

@Arachne :flower: , is there a better site or are you going off of experience. i really dont know :stuck_out_tongue: just the site i use as ive only used four different mid’s and one burner.

thanks troy

This one :smiley:

I learned everything I know from the guys in the Blank Media forum here, they never steered me wrong yet! :slight_smile:

thank you all for your help. its all working good now. i never did look for my media id. it turned out that i had the pal/ntsc setting set to both(auto?) once i noticed it and changed it back there has been no problems. just the little tweaks.
btw, i burn at 12x without skips or freezing. ive tried higher but the results go downhill.

p.s. this is the first forum ive used where i got helpful responses. kudos to you all.