Hi guys hope you can help me with my problem. I am using convertxtodvd 2 and have recently been having a problem while burning files to dvd. Conversion goes smoothly but when it comes to burning the time remaining goes down very quickly. It starts at 1 hour remaining then goes down to 45 mins then 35 then 25 it goes so far down that the burning process stops and the time starts to go up again. Sometimes the dvd will play just fine in my dvd player outher times it will play but freeze at the time the burning process stoped and outher times thay wont play at all. Wot am i doing wrong. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Hi and Welcome!

create an ISO image after conversion only, and burn this with ImgBurn. Post the log here. To sort out problems with your conversion software, you may use a plain data DVD image, like Knoppix: at first and see if there is the same problem.