Converxtodvd not burning!

I just changed my DVD Burner today. I can burn DVD’s with Nero just fine, but ConvertXtoDVD doesn’t burn. It shows that the media is inserted, but just hangs on burn process. Ive noticed in the burning options that my burner isn’t listed in the drop down menu. I have included a screen shot of what is there. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanx

I would suggest you submit a “Technical Support” request to VSO support , see Here

So I take it that nobody here has ever seen this before?


Did you purchase the latest [B]Lite-on 18x [/B] DVD Burner (DVDRW LH-18A1P) ??

If yes, there is a solution, but as Portmac mentioned above, use the official VSO Support to get the official answer, since there is a fix for this drive.

Actually its good you asked… I just purchased a Lite-On DVDRW LH-16W1P. Maybe the fix you are talking about will work for mine as well :slight_smile:

Its kinda funny I just purchased this drive at Walmart yesterday and it says on the box manufacture date is 2006, but It doesn’t even list this product on the lite-on website when I try to register the product. Ive noticed also that Google has very little results for this product as well :confused:

Hi there,

Download the VSO Tech Support tool:

Fill it up, saying you would like to received [B]Patin Couffin v1.37[/B] so all VSO Software can detect your new [B]Lite-On DVDRW LH-16W1P[/B] :iagree:

Hi there,

Here’s a temporary solution:

Download [B]VSO Inspector v1.2.7[/B] and install it.

It contains the new driver [B]Patin Couffin v1.37[/B] which will detect your new burner.

Awesome!!! It worked. Didn’t even have to run the inspector after install. It installed the new Patin Couffin, and bingo it worked… Thanx so much!

I wonder why they don’t just package the new ConvertXtoDVD with the new version of Patin Couffin?

Hi there,

I wonder why they don’t just package the new ConvertXtoDVD with the new version of Patin Couffin?

Yep, they will.
This was a temp measure to get you guys going.

All new builds of all VSO software will have the new Patin Couffin in it, when they are released soon.

I have and could have sworn that the [B]pcouffin.sys[/B] came with it.
Once it recognized my devices, today I tried again and they were gone.

D/L’ed the Inspector and yes, there theyare again ??

Anyway, thanks for the Inspector tip.

Will report back in week?