ConverXtoDVD doesn't burn anymore


since my update from DivXtoDVD to ConvertXtoDVD ( the Program won’t burn anymore. First it starts to burn, and at the End I get the following Error: [Access violation at address 00881FD9 in module ‘vso_hwe.dll’. Write of address 00000098]

The DVD-R is ruined than.

Does anybody know what I can do about it?

Here is the complete log (I am German, so don’t mind the german Words in it):

Info ********** Bericht geschlossen ***********
14.02.2006 20:01:44 Fehler Exception encountered in writer thread [Access violation at address 00881FD9 in module ‘vso_hwe.dll’. Write of address 00000098]
14.02.2006 20:01:44 Info Lead-in burning time (mS) 51703
14.02.2006 20:00:51 Info Write started 2249664 sectors to write
14.02.2006 20:00:51 Info Init success: DVD-R packet writing
14.02.2006 20:00:50 Info Writing speed requested x8.0, effective x8.0
14.02.2006 20:00:50 Info Available write speed: x8.0, x6.0, x4.0
14.02.2006 20:00:50 Info Media ID: MCC 02RG20
14.02.2006 20:00:50 Info DMA Enabled
14.02.2006 20:00:49 Info Creating image cache file “C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Besitzer\Anwendungsdaten\VSO_HWE\HWE_060214200049953.CACHE”
14.02.2006 20:00:49 Info Scanned files #16, folder #2 - total size 4606173184 b. (4,29 Gb.)
14.02.2006 20:00:49 Info Inserted media type : DVD-R
14.02.2006 15:22:21 Info Write started
14.02.2006 15:22:19 Info Media name: “About Face 2”
14.02.2006 15:22:19 Info Burned folder: “C:\DivXToDvd\About Face 2”
14.02.2006 15:22:04 Info New media inserted. Burning layer is ready to write
14.02.2006 15:22:01 Info Compatible media types : DVD-R, DVD-RW Seq., DVD-RW RO, DVD+R, DVD+RW, CD-R, CD-RW, DL DVD+R
14.02.2006 15:22:01 Info New Drive selected : 1:1:0 - SONY DVD RW DW-D23A CYS1 [E] (Ide)
14.02.2006 15:22:01 Info Konvertierung beendet in 03:05:05


please contact me by email (in German if you like) to see if we can solve this problem!

thanx a lot for the offering. But it seems no longer nessesary. After I De- and reinstalled ConvertXtoDVD again, it seems finaly to burn correctly. What ever the Problem was, now I’m fine :slight_smile: