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ConvertXtoHD - (Released December 19th, 2014) [ View Issues ]

  • 0009144: [Bug] Menu conversion freeze when “2 pass encoding” AND “hardware encoders” options are enabled (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0009143: [Feature Request] Add .img image file format in load files dialog (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0009142: [Bug] Menu template thumbnail not refreshed when “No menu” is selected (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0009141: [Crash] Getting “Runtime error 217” on startup (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0009135: [Bug] User reports some DVDs may result in same hash (felicia) - resolved.
  • 0008575: [Bug] orange menu (felicia) - resolved.
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[B]ConvertXtoHD - Released January 30th, 2015
[B]- fixes playback problem on some Blu-ray players[/B]

  • 0009178: [Bug] Root Menu editing allows custom video backgrounds, but custom image background don’t work (Claire) - resolved.
  • 0009333: [Bug] embedded subtitles are squeezed—not proportioned (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0009271: [Bug] argument out of range or crash when deleting titlesets from treeview (cedric) - resolved.
    [B]- 0009185: [Bug] created blu-ray disks do not play in panasonic blu ray player (cedric) - resolved.[/B]
  • 0009322: [Bug] colors look very washed out on converted result (cedric) - resolved.


[B]ConvertXtoHD - Released February 24th, 2015[/B]
[B]fixes many playback problems in different blu-ray players[/B]
[/B][/B]- 0009485: [Bug] Tree refresh problem when selecting Blu-ray menu template (cedric) - resolved.

  • 0009482: [Bug] menu font changes conflict - changes not always taken into account (felicia) - resolved.
  • 0009480: [Bug] DVD structure not interpreted the same as in VLC (felicia) - resolved.
  • 0009474: [Bug] CX2HD always encode to fps that source has. Option of encoding to 25, 30 and above not taken in account (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0009473: [Bug] hard to do cut sections when working with long video files (felicia) - resolved.


[B]ConvertXtoHD - Released March 5th, 2015[/B]

  • 0009517: [Bug] Blu-ray made by VSO products rejected by some PANASONIC BD home players (felicia) - resolved.
  • 0009518: [Bug] Playback freeze on Blu-ray home player when seeking/reaching chapter points (NVENC encoder problem) (cedric) - resolved.


[B]ConvertXtoHD - Released March 9th, 2015[/B]
[/B]- 0009548: [Bug] language identifier is not updated in subtitle editing tab under the preview window (cedric) - resolved.


[B]ConvertXtoHD - Released March 26th, 2015[/B]
[/B]- 0009648: [Bug] overflow with ssa subtitles (cedric) - resolved.

  • 0009540: [Bug] “what’s new” in udpater does not link to cxhd history page (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0009617: [Bug] freeze happens anytime during burning - must end with task mananger (cedric) - resolved.


[B]ConvertXtoHD - Released May 4th, 2015[/B]
[/B]- 0009820: [Bug] Access Violation error when clicking on subtitle properties and other tabs (cedric) - resolved.

  • 0009817: [Bug] audio compression not shown in log - is it applied? (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0009818: [Bug] Modifying the font for a button will revert settings to the default for the thumbnail. (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0009819: [Bug] “reset” in output tab under preview window does to do nothing (cedric) - resolved.


[B]ConvertXtoHD - Released May 28th, 2015[/B]

  • 0009942: [Bug] interference on right edge of video thumbnail in menu, actual video is fine (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0009941: [Bug] many log errors like " [decoder][h264]: missing picture in access unit with size 11" but that don’t have impact on output (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0009940: [Bug] video menu background distortion (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0009937: [Bug] no audio tracks found in ISO file however VLC detects them (cedric) - resolved.


[B]Changes in VSO ConvertXtoHD /B:
– 0009953: [Bug] Menu text reduction doesn’t work like it should (text font too much reduced) (cedric) – resolved.
– 0009952: [Bug] The mirror effect in Blu-ray/AVCHD menus is sometimes too far from text (Black mirror template) (cedric) – resolved.
– 0009950: [Bug] in menu buttons and icons are distorted with odd diagonal lines (cedric) – resolved.
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[B]Changes in VSO ConvertXtoHD (2015-06-12):[/B]
– 0010015: [Bug] Get back the mirror effect in Black mirror ROOT menu (cedric) – resolved.
– 0010013: [Suggestion] Reduce space between items and mirror effect in menus (Black mirror template) (cedric) – resolved.
– 0009956: [Information] get size back in menus like (felicia) – resolved.
– 0009996: [Bug] missing language files and trial window also has no text (cedric) – resolved.
– 0009997: [Bug] can’t load dvd structure or blu-ray (cedric) – resolved.


[B][B]ConvertXtoHD - Released June 23rd, 2015[/B]
[/B]- 0010063: [Bug] Crackling audio when converting from dts HD (cedric) - resolved.

  • 0010054: [Suggestion] update EULA compatibility Windows 10 (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0010046: [Bug] Output size overflow when RAW copy for audio tracks is allowed (cedric) - resolved.


[B]ConvertXtoHD - (Released 2015-08-25)[/B]

  • 0010258: [Suggestion] remove “unspecified” for video stream (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0010257: [Bug] bad output structure when using no menu (cedric) - resolved.


Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).
[B]Changes in VSO ConvertXtoHD (2015-09-04):[/B]

  • 0010279: [Bug] No menu template when opening Cx via right clicking on file name (cedric) – resolved.
    Homepage –


Changes in VSO ConvertXtoHD (2015-09-08):

  • [Bug] Problem when starting the burning process (index file missing) (cedric)
    Homepage –
    Size: 33.4 MB


[B]ConvertXtoHD - Released Oct 5th 2015[/B]

  • 0010352: [Bug] menu text does not use user customisations or translated language (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0010351: [Bug] when burning to ISO explorer does not open at the end of conversion (cedric) - resolved.


Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10 (32-bit, 64-bit).
Changes in VSO ConvertXtoHD (2015-11-06):

  • [Bug] When NVENC encoder is used, only audio is playing on SAMSUNG BD player (cedric) – resolved.
  • [Bug] shouldn’t get “warning about structure” when load AVI type file even though “Blu-ray” files are in same location (cedric) – resolved.
  • [Feature Request] Allow merge by dragging and dropping on titleset (without pressing shift) (cedric) – resolved.
    Homepage –
    Size: 34.5 MB


[B]ConvertXtoHD - Released Nov 13th 2015[/B]

  • 0010584: [Bug] problem with background image of “default, simple menu” (cedric) - resolved.
  • 0010579: [Bug] changing font color to custom value causes font color to show as black (cedric) - resolved.
    [B]- 0010576: [Bug] menu background has black borders (cedric) - resolved.[/B]
    [B]- 0010575: [Bug] the borders of the title icon images are incorrectly positioned. (cedric) - resolved.


[B]ConvertXtoHD - 2.0 Released January 15th 2016[/B]

  • New menu editor: allows for total menu customization, including moving of menu items
  • Add watermark to video
  • New audio normalization
  • Settings added to adjust image saturation and sharpness
  • New “image enhancer” setting added
  • More control over hardware encoders and decoders
  • Intro video option added (video that plays before menu displays)
  • New menu structure designed for converting “TV series”
  • New menu structure designed for converting “1 movie” with bonus menu, etc.
  • New menu designs
  • Compatible with windows 10


[B]ConvertXtoHD - (Released 2016-02-04) [ View Issues ] [/B]

  • 0011134: [Bug] Menu editor - Problem if text label is empty (felicia) - resolved.
  • 0011132: [Bug] Unable to edit items if set to “no image” (felicia) - resolved.
  • 0011130: [Bug] Menu editor - global duration change not fully taken into account (felicia) - resolved.
  • 0011128: [Crash] Unable to change typesettings for bullets in settings menu (felicia) - resolved.
  • 0011123: [Bug] Wrong chapters display in series theme (felicia) - resolved.
  • 0011116: [Bug] Chapter navigation in the Movie Template is not sequential (felicia) - resolved.


[B]ConvertXtoHD - February 16th 2016[/B]
[/B]- 0011181: [Information] When menus are being rendered, we get a value higher than 100% on the processing of the render (Series Template) (felicia) - resolved.