ConvertXtoDVD3 Burning Question

I have just currently downloaded and registered ConvertXtoDVD3 on my Laptop (Sony VAIO: VGN-N110G), and it works great. However, I have been having some issues with playing the DVD’s that have been burned using this Product.

I have burned a few DVD’s for myself, and they play fine on this Laptop, my G/F’s Laptop (Toshiba), my room mates Apple Laptop, and my PS3.

However, the DVD’s that I have been burning are not working at my friends house. He has a basic DVD player. One of those cheap Wall-Mart DVD players that was probably like $40. Anyway, when we insert the DVD, the DVD Player will start to read the DVD, but then it will say, “Disc Error”, on the TV.

I tried changing the DVD’s I used for Burning and the Error message keeps showing up on his TV. I have bought 3 differen’t types of Blank DVD’s and the same error is still there. Please keep in mind that these DVD’s do work on my Laptops, and PS3!

I am starting to think that his DVD Player is just unable to play Burned DVD’s. But, I am not sure, because when installing ConvertXtoDVD, it asked me what Formats I can burn/play with? Or something like that. It got me thinking that maybe I need to somehow change the format of how I burn the DVD’s in. Is there a way to do this???

Also, all the Video’s that I have been burning have been AVI. files.

What are your thoughts on all this?

Thanks in advance for your reply’s!


Have you chosen NTSC as output in CXD? Have you tried -R vs +R to see if that’s the issue?

You might also tell CXD to [B]not[/B] burn then use ImgBurn (free) in ‘Build’ mode to burn trying various slower burn speeds. ImgBurn will also identify your discs as many times different brands can actually be the same disc. Many big brand names use the same manufacturer, Ritek, CMC etc.