i have formatted my pc and trying to convert avi file to dvd with convertxtodvd. it worked fine before i formatted but now after a format and using a different windows xp version the program freezes. it freezes right after the conversion process finishes. the count timer counts down and when it gets to zero to start burning process the program freezes. the mouse locks up too and only way to exit is to hit reset button on pc. i know this program well and have tried everything that i could think of to no avail. even tried different versions of the program and still the same. i even put my old windows xp version back on the pc and tried it, and it worked fine. so that tells me it has something to do with this version of xp, but i have no idea what it could be. i would appreciate any ideas that you might have as to my problem

what kind Windows XP sysmtem pack is it? maybe its the older version so the Convert to Dvd program is not compatiable with the sysmtem pack of Windows XP you have. Aso, I reecomend that you go to ConvertXtoDvd official website and glance at the system requirements.

Have you tried dvdflick? It works for me in Win2k.

We need more info as the software version and what O/S your using and also what are you trying to convert ie file type??? From just reading it sounds like something is wrong with your source file you trying to convert. Did you try to run or play that file before trying to convert it?? Most if not many of the times the ConvertXtoDVD program is a well written program and the problem stems from the source file is bad or corrupted.

i’m using version and have all the service packs installed on a windows xp pro os. i tried many avi’s with same thing. i tried this os on different pc’s and the program works fine. i even tried a different xp on this computer, installed convertx and it works fine too. i guess i will just have to live with it. i will try dvdflick though.

My wife has this same problem on her lap-top. The only workaround I found was to burn it to the hard drive and use NERO to burn the dvd.

convertxtodvd works on every other computer we have just not that lap-top. I thought it must be her dvd burner but I don’t know.

finially figured it out. feel stupid though. the program doesn’t seem to work with sata dvd drives. switched to ide drive and all is good.
maybe vso will come out with a fix one day .

What chipset does mobo have? Note not all chipsets work correctly with SATA optical drives. Intel and Silicon Image are known to work correctly, but some others do not. You could get a PCI SATA adapter with Silicon Image chipset if you have available PCI slot, i.e. if chipset is the cause of the problem.

it has the northbridge 650i sli [c55], and southbridge 430i[mcp51],
lga775 socket quad core
it just seems to be convertx cause all other programs i have like nero, magic dvd ripper automatically go into burn mode when they are supposed to. just glad i got convertx to work.