Hi guys,
Im a newbie to this site. Well, a long time reader first time poster that is, and I have a question.
I have an AVI file around 1.29 GB that I am using ConvertXtoDVD to encode to change to VOB format so I can burn to DVD and watch on TV.
The problem is after it encodes for 4-5 hours and is ready to burn to DVD the file is like over 7.5 GB and way to big to put on normal DVD. I didnt see any settings to adjust. I want to burn it to regular DVD. Any ideas?


Look near the top of the main window for ConvertX. Click on Settings–>Encoding. The target size should be set to DVD-5 (4300MB).

If you want to do something with this dvd you’ve just made, you can compress down to the correct size with DVDShrink, but you’ll lose a lot of quality doing it this way…you shouldn’t convert it and then compress. I’d strongly suggest starting over, but Shrink is pretty fast and who knows, you might not dislike the output. You can find Shrink at or here at cdfreaks:


The size of the AVI means nothing. What’s the running time?