I am having problems burning a movie(s) onto a blank DVD. I am using the software ConvertXtoDvd. Though I have succesfully been able to burn at least a dozen movies onto a blank disc (DVD-R). For some reason from time to time I am getting an error message, after it runs through the encoding process, instead of going to the burn process to complete the movie (dvd), it states the media is not writeable and the burn button is in a shaded mode (not allowing me to burn). This is not true since my dvd writer reads +, - . I have been succesfull multiple of times in burning a movie onto a blank DVD. For troubleshooting, I have changed the media with a new DVD disc multpile of times. I have also started the process over. I’m not sure why it states the media is not writeable. Any suggestions of why this might be happening would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Is Alcohol or Incd installed?

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Sorry, but I have no Idea what you are referring about. (alcohol installed)?).

Can you elaborate please?

Alcohol is a burning program (

InCD is a packet writing program.