For some reason when ever ConvertXtoDVD is converting, when it gets to arround 10% my computer just shuts down.

Windows XP Pro SP2

Latest verion of ConvertXtoDVD.

Hi there,

Did you overclocked your CPU ?

Do you have air conditioning ? Or is it really hot in the house ?

Video conversion is very CPU intensive and generate lots of heat, and I think your PC shuts down because the CPU/Motherboard is getting to hot.

Try a conversion with the cover off and/or with blowing air with a fan on the motherboard.

spyware, virus could be anything… try re installing the software… do a clean un install and then try…

I have not overcloked my pc but my room was hot at the time. No viurs or spyware I tryed aorund 3 programs same problem, I thought it was a driver error or sometinhg.