ConvertXToDVD - When converting, how much is too much?


When converting .avi files to a DVD-5, what is the biggest a file can be before you would start to notice a drastic loss of quality?

For instance, if I were to convert 6 files totaling 1.34 GB to 4.38 GB(DVD-5), would I lose a lot of quality?

Any input or help on this is very much appreciated.

=DVD Burner Dude

It all depends on original quality and movie type.
Bright movies with lots of movement require more bandwidth than dark movies with static scenes. Number and type of audiochannels affects a little, as does number of subtitles.
Usually you can fit 2-4 hours without problems, but it is always better to check output before burning.
If conversion result is not reaching maximum size then most likely there is no loss of quality (from original, of course).