ConvertXtoDVD vs DivxtoDVD

Hi. I was using divxtodvd before to convert different files to DVD and everything worked like a charm in my ps2. Then I upgraded to ConvertXtoDVD because of the nive new features as well as being able to fit more on one disk, unfortunately the DVD’s don’t really work. The menus work and everything but whenever i try to play the actual movie it skips every other second. I’ve tried various movies, shows and it happens every single time.
Any suggestions?

I’m having the same problem…anyone know what’s wrong?

Hi there,

Please provide us a full conversion/burn log please.

Most of the time, people with PS2 issues are using cheap media and burning them too fast.

Are you using the same media, and burning them at the same speed as you did when you were using DivxToDVD ?

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I found the solution the the ps2 problem
I been burning dvd movies with ConvertXtoDVD
The reason for it not to work in ps2 is that
ps2 can only run 25fps dvds
and there are a lot of 30fps dvds out there
when you burn a 30fps dvd and play it on the ps2
you get that pause skip every 2 to 4 seconds
it does that because it can’t run the 30fps

the solution is on the menu under

titleset > Video (result) > Fortmat

you can change the fps to 25fps
that will make it capable to play it on the ps2