ConvertXtoDVD vs. divx

Hello all.

I have an LG LDA-730 dvd player, which is divx compatible.

I have always just burned divx files to dvd for viewing on my dvd player/TV.

I have recently started using ConvertXtoDVD for other video file types.

A friend told me that you get better quality and more stability if you use ConvertXtoDVD to burn divx files for viewing on a dvd player, as opposed to just burning divx files to dvd, provided that ConvertXtoDVD does not give you the warning that your output quality will be low (too much data packed into one dvd).

I was going to test this out, but does anyone agree or disagree with this statement?


This is probably all speculation from me.

Burning a divx file onto a DVD, the divx decoder on the player probably does the resizing to your TV.

Burning a divx file into a DVD, the software does the resizing to DVD specs.

Without any side by side comparison, I would trust the hardware decoder in the DVD player first. Since it is designed to work with divx and resize for the tv. If ConvertXtoDVD adds a second pass, then who knows.

Try it both ways and figure out what works best for you. If you are only working with divx, then just burning straight to a DVD without converting will save you time.