ConvertXtoDVD version 3 menu problems

I have just started to use ConvertXtoDVD version 3 and can’t get to grips with the menus. I want to insert my own pictures to be the background to the main menu but when I burn the DVD it always ends up as the default background.

Any ideas please ?

I think I might have answered my own question by searching deeper and finding the VSO forum. Their instructions are below, but to me the process is a bit over complicated and although it is more versatile than the previous version, it is a lot harder to use. :confused:

To add a background image to your main DVD menu the (title menu, where all the video files you converted are listed)
a) add you videos files to ConvertXtoDVD that you want to convert
b) click on the “+” next to: DVD - "title xxxx"
c) double click on Template and select the type of menu you would like to use, like a “Glossy template” or a “Minimal template”. Once selected click on the green check mark on the right.
d) click on the “+” next to: DVD Menu parameters
e) double click on: Background video in Title menu
f) use the drop down to select Use a custom file (Video or Still image)
browse to the image and click ok, and then click on the green check mark on the right.
g) beneath this you can select a custom audio file to play if you want. (In the tiltle menus of most templates by default no audio we play.)
h) if you want your root menus to have a background image as well follow the same procedure under each of the files you have added to be converted by clicking on “Menu parameters”.

You found it M8. I am here alot and cougar is also here. If you have more questions do not hesitate to ask.

Hey guys,

Minor Scoop :eek:

I have heard that the next build will have some minor changes to the interface. (NO I have not seen it yet).

Seems these changes will make it more easy for users to see what text and what options will go on the menu (So I have heard).

So let’s wait and see what the new build will look like (Interface wise)…

Anyne know how to insert a pcture without the template’s background color being mixed in with it? Is there a place where I can get VSO templates other than the ones it comes with? Thanks.


I forget since what build, but there’s a new Glossy CLEAR Template, which has no color at all !

So you can see your image clearly.

Personally, when I use the clear, I set the Opacity of the image to 50%-55% so the text on menu is more clear.

That’s my personal choice, just wanted to share that with you !

Some wanna see 100% clear so set the Opacity to 100 :clap:

Thanks cougar!

I got VSO ConvertXtoDVD 3.v2.99.18.970 which is the latest beta, registered and no Glossy clear template? Cougar, you think you can shoot that template to me? Can you upload it to or something and gimme the link? Would appreciate it.

NEVERMIND, I’m blind, I found it.


Did you use the Glossy CLEAR Template ?

Did you use a background image ?

I’m curious to see if you prefered the image with 100% Opacity or you lowered it ?

I like 50%-55% so the menu text is really viewable, and the image is faded :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t seen that option for opacity, I just choose the Glossy Clear Template and use a pic and I love it, thanks for pointing that out again to me, getting the newest registered beta was perfect timing, guess alot of other ppl besides me were requesting this feature to them, heh. Where is the opacity option/setting located so I can fiddle with it, I can’t seem to find it?

See Image Please

Cool, thanks, I’ll fiddle with it and tell you my preference.:smiley:

I like leaving it at 100%.


That’s good news, this means you found something you like :clap:

A few people on the VSO Forum things v3 is a huge mistake, and they really hate the interface.

Then again, people hated v2 because it only generated simple menus and lack of nice options like video merge.

Go figure :eek: