ConvertXtoDVD v2.99.18.970 (v3.00 ßeta)




v2.99.18.970 is now available for users:

Several bugs where fixed since RC5, please test and report bugs with build 970 please.

All bugs found in versions prior to build 970 are probably already fixed !


ConvertXtoDVD -

Add support for 2 new video format:

VP7 and VC1 Advanced profile

  • 0001051: [Unsupported file/stream format] TrueMotion VP70 Unsupported video stream on ConvertXToDVD (wesson)
  • 0001662: [Unsupported file/stream format] Add support for Windows Movie Maker video (wesson)

ConvertXtoDVD -

Fix a complex out-of-sync audio, complex cause of crash during conversion and a few cosmetic problems.

  • 0001659: [Bug] Continuable exception on previewing .nsv files (wesson)
  • 0001578: [Bug] Audio Out of sync when playing movies converted with mp2 audio streams (wesson)
  • 0001657: [Bug] A specific .MP4 file crashes ConvertXtoDVD (wesson)

ConvertXtoDVD -

Fixes some subtitles regressions coming from precedent versions
cosmetic fixes in the interface

  • 0001585: [Bug] Multiple duplication of same frame (wesson)
  • 0000753: [Bug] stutter with ntsc video to ntsc (wesson)
  • 0001639: [Bug] Problem with accentuation in subtitle (Fred)
  • 0001656: [Unsupported file/stream format] A specific file converts with v2.2.3.258 but will not even open with v3.0 ßeta (wesson)
  • 0001654: [Bug] A specific subtitle file (.idx-.sub) will make ConvertXtoDVD stop responding ! (wesson)
  • 0001650: [Bug] Title text background image/audio unchangeable in title menu parameters (wesson)

ConvertXtoDVD -

Many subtitles issues fixed

  • 0001557: [Feature Request] Menu Titles / [X] Always Reduce or [X] Always Crop (wesson)
  • 0001640: [Bug] Subtitles distorted (wesson)
  • 0001641: [Bug] Add a manual chapter / Arrows up - down don’t work (wesson)
  • 0001643: [Bug] Minimal , the most simple menu will display —> Title #%c% (wesson)
  • 0001648: [Bug] Values not saved within a project (wesson)
  • 0001645: [Bug] Assertion failure (C:\Workplace\FFmpeg\U_av_convert_50.pas, line 2814 (wesson)

ConvertXtoDVD -

RC5, Targetted to be the official release after tests

  • 0001574: [Feature Request] Like in v2 have a “Default DVD Name” that will be applied to all DVD generated (Title Menu Text) (wesson)
  • 0001503: [Information] Double or single click to edit field (wesson)
  • 0001586: [Crash] Exception raised in conversion, when Convertxtodvd is in arabic (wesson)
  • 0001074: [Bug] Conversion problem when sources are PAL/NTSC mixed (wesson)
  • 0001618: [Bug] Overflow issues with large AC3 and DTS Streams [RAW COPY] (wesson)
  • 0001554: [Bug] After a manual input file reorder, convertion started to encode the wrong file (wesson)
  • 0001628: [Bug] Save Project / Load Project / Change File Orders / Save Project (wesson)
  • 0001548: [Bug] Editing a text field also change another text field (wesson)
  • 0001624: [Bug] Shaking Subtites (wesson)
  • 0001329: [Information] v2.99.0.380 unclear information for what is title (wesson)
  • 0001295: [Bug] v2.99.0.373: Main Menu DVD Title (wesson)
  • 0001610: [Suggestion] “Default, Simple Menu” template, <Reduce> function seems to reduce it too much (wesson)
  • 0001622: [Bug] Chapter Creation Issues when merging files WITH the use of subtitles (wesson)
  • 0001616: [Bug] Subtitle in settings values lowered by -1 (wesson)
  • 0001630: [Bug] Holding the Arrow Keys in the main panel will hang the application (wesson)
  • 0001629: [Bug] [ ] Play videos one after the other / ImageWall Template (wesson)
  • 0001617: [Bug] wrong warning for “too large texte” (wesson)
  • 0001619: [Feature Request] do not ask again ( text overflow dialog ) (wesson)
  • 0000940: [Bug] Incorrect Blank DVD media size, during countdown before burning process. (wesson)

ConvertXtoDVD -

Burning layer fixes, a few interface fixes

  • 0001331: [Bug] v2.99.0.380 : Strange behaviour of the DVD Menus Parameters (wesson)
  • 0001614: [Bug] Exception Assertion failure … (wesson)
  • 0001340: [Bug] v2.99.1.405: Major menu issues with my DVD Player: LG DV7732NSC & Sony 5 x DVD Changer (wesson)


Great stuff cougar_ii , thanks alot, everyone should try this program, its one of the best.:iagree: