ConvertXtoDvd V2.1.14.223 Loud Volume

Hi all just updated my ConvertXtoDvd to V2.1.14.223 But when I go to burn a DivX file the volume is really loud. The video is from a Archos 604wifi
Codec : Intel DVI ADPCM
Number of channels : 2
Sample Rate : 48000 Hz
BitRate : 387 Kbps

Any Help would be much Appreciated, Thanks!

Hi there,

what value did you use in the Volume Enhancer ?

xx db gain !

I don’t use the Automatically adjust sound level. So it is unchecked.

My last few converted films have had ridiculously loud volume levels too despite the fact that the ‘Automatically adjust sound level’ box was unchecked.

Well I tried checking the Automatically adjust sound level and lowered it all the way to very soft Gain 3db and it did not do crap! It is still hell a loud. So it does not matter if you use that option or not. :frowning:

Well I found my Problem, My Archos has a volume control for recording DUH… so I lowered the volume :slight_smile: But that doesn’t fix the Automatically adjust sound level in CxD. Because I tried to lower the volume in that program and it did not do a thing. So that tells me that feature still don’t work. :frowning: Oh well at least I can control it with my player. ThX All

I have much the same problem. Converted video (avi) files from my camcorder to DVD format and the sound is too loud! When the basket ball bounces (grandson basketball games) it seems to make a pop sound. A great deal of what sounded like static was also present. I ran it again with the same sound level box unchecked and checked and with the gain dragged to the lowest level and it was better but still to loud (high frequencies). Played from HD and from burned TY DVD (4x burn) and the sound was loud - seems distorted to the high frequencies.

Any thoughts! The actual video plays fine as avi - coverted using another program and the sound is also good (actually a little low)!!


I don’t know if this has been publically posted yet or not, perhpas it has and perhaps all of you have already read it, but here is a recent comment by the main developper of ConvertXtoDVD:

"Sound source (especially on MP3) is a real nightmare, as the source can go to barely understandable to incredibly loud.

It’s not a problem in ConvertX in fact. The encoder can take the whole dynamic of AC-3, so if the source is very loud, it’ll be encoded very loud. On our reference equipment it doesn’t saturate or distord, but the problem is that most audio equipment is not able to support such a loudness, thus result in audio distorsion because of poor AC-3 decoder. Also Computer sound players often handle the situation simply by dividing the output signal by 2 - thus distorsion is not to be ear even if the source is massively loud.

And the sound compressor make things even worse in such case. That’s why this setting is off by default.

There’s not a lot of solution. I’ve added a detection of loud MP3 sources (only on MP3 so far), to limit the problem, but as long as the source will be too loud, the resulting AC-3 will be loud as well.

I set this bug (bug 664) as fixed, but I’m sure there will be other samples from other sources that may complain of being too loud…"

Change log :

so if you want to upload a file to VSO for them to test with you can, a file where the “static” is amplified would be a good test file for VSO have. For more information you can contact claire @ (without spaces)