Convertxtodvd unsolved problem for years up until now



My drive is Pioneer 110 BK, yesterday I just converted a mpg file with subtitles to dvd, using ver 3 of convertx, all seem fine, the burning process show nothing wrong, I burned it at 4x

After the burning is over, the DVD is unreadable, it can’t be read from my pioneer drive neither my stand alone dvd player

I tried it 3 times, waste 3 dvd, which are 2 Ritek Excellence dvd-r, and 1 TDK dvd-r

I tried manually make an iso from the convertx result folder, using image burn, and burn the image again to a dvd, and voila ! it works, it can be played on my drive, and also my stand alone dvd player

I encountered similiar problem in the past also with convertx, but at that time, I used convertx ver 2, I thought that the compability issue with pioneer drive already being fixed in ver 3, but it seem that I was wrong

Please don’t tell me to :

1.change the media----------->since it’s irrelevant

2.change the drive------------->well maybe someday

3.change the speed of the burner---------->I already burned at 4x

can someone provide me another solution, so I can use convertx burning engine with my pioneer drive ?


Well I never use the CXD burning engine. I always want to preview the results first before the burn. Why not use ImgBurn, considered the best DVD burner? You don’t have to convert to an ISO simply use it in ‘Build’ mode and steer it to your CXD created folder.


I dont know if you would like to make another coaster or not but you can change the writing method in convertxtodvd, maybe that could change something ?