ConvertXtoDVD - TV Format Settings - Quesiton



Let’s say I’m converting a widescreen movie into DVD to play on my Full Screen TV (not widescreen… it is a square shaped TV).

In the TV Format setting, if I choose the Full Screen setting, will the picture of my DVD be horizontally squeezed to fit the full screen tv? or will the widecreen-ness be preserved by just shrinking the the picture, giving the widecreen effect (black bars on top and bottom of screen)?

I’m currently converting my widscreen movie as Full Screen TV Format setting, and would like to know what the result would be before I decide to burn it on a CD.



I say you are young and have many more years ahead of you, m8 :slight_smile: SO keep your DVD as-is, in its original 16:9 format and enjoy the black bars on your 4:3 TV. Some newer TVs have a feature to convert on the fly and allow you to see full screen, full resolution. Just don’t bother converting anything - one of these days, soon, TVs will all be in widescreen - Most TV channels here broadcast in widescreen format only, so you might as well be ready for the future unless you want to enjoy black bars to the left and right side of your future 16:9 TV :slight_smile: