ConvertXtoDVD Suggestion: Option to NOT install PC driver



When I install/update ConvertXtoDVD, I generally do not want the Pattin-Couffin driver to be force installed. I don’t need it or use it, and it sometimes can interfere with other CD drivers.

I know I can run:
pcsetup /remove /removeatip
after it’s installed, but this command actually does not fully remove the PC driver from the system or the registry.

It would be nice if the ConvertXtoDVD setup/install program ASKED me if I want to also install the PC driver, giving me the option to say NO.




request heard and transmitted to the rest of the VSO team. Unfortunately for you, I dont think this request will be implimented as the number of people who would be interested in this is very small.


indeed, as the driver is used to burn the movie conversion, and because it is used by 99% of people, we won’t implement this choice.

about the fact the driver is not fully removed, it can be because you need to reboot, or because several applications are using it.