ConvertXToDVD - Subttitle Change Setting Problem


  1. Cannot open Font Selection Dialog if not install any printer install in System
    it show message “There is no default printer currently selected.”
  2. At Font Selection Dialog , I change font to Tahoma and Chage Script from Western to my language Thai and then I click ok. afterthat I change another subtitle same step. after finished I try to open font selection dialog agin all
    subtitle script change back to western…

How to fix my problem ???
many thank for help…


Hi there,

Install a fantom printer on your PC like “LaserJet 4” on LPT1

Nothing we can do, it’s how the programming tools work !


it can solve problem 1,
How can I solve problem 2???


Hi there,

I don’t use subtitles a lot, and have never used languages other than english and french.

When you load you subtitle, to you do a <Right-Click> on that subtitle file and change the settings there ?

Pick the proper language and all those settings ?

Sorry I can’t be of more help on that one !


next one , I found problem with my language
my language (thai) is not 1 level text , It has upper and lower character
after convert it show only one level text , how to solve this problem