ConvertXtoDVD - Subtitle Color Won't Change

No matter how many differrent subtitle settings and colors I choose with my .avi movie, when I play the resulting DVD file, the font color is always white with gray background.

I played the DVD file in Nero Showtime.
The subtitle files are of .sub and .idx

Is there something wrong with the software? or is there something I have to configure in one of the subtitle files?

When I play the original movie, the subtitle shows as White with Black Background, which is what I want when I convert with ConvertXtDVD.

Any help would be much appreciated.



Apparently, the subs only work when the project is completed.

I stopped the conversion halfway to see if the subs were working.

Problem solved!

Thank you for coming back, and telling us the answer :iagree:

I saw your post yesterday, but had nothing to say since I had no idea what it could be !

Thanks for the update :bow:

I used it once

it didn’t accept the colo codes, shows them as html

is that problem solved in the new editions?

what about all other codes like location, size… etc?

If you are talking about the subtitle editor I believe it only works on SRT subs.

yes it only works on srts