ConvertXtoDVD Sizing Issues

I have searched through the forums already, so forgive me if I’m asking an old question but I couldn’t find the answers I was looking for.

I’ve been using ConvertXtoDVD to burn some subtitled anime. Everything works fine and the DVDs play well on my computer, but as soon as I try playing them on a TV the sides, top, and bottom are cut off. I’ve heard about this being caused by overscan, but I have no idea how I would fix this problem. For reference, I’ve tried playing the DVD on two separate TVs, one a standard CRT and one a widescreen TV. I’ve also tried burning the DVDs in different aspect ratios. Is there any easy way to fix this issue?

This may be of interest click here

Thank you, that was informative. However, the only solution I saw on there was fiddling with the settings using the hidden menu; I’m not comfortable with that, as I’m staying with parents over the summer and I would prefer not to do anything that might break their TV. Is there an easy way to just burn the video with more space around the edges?

There is no easy way.

Those edges might be produced by original video having them (like VCD) or simply due massive overscan on TV or even using DVD-player that outputs 16:9 to 4:3 TV.

Without more info it is impossible to tell.
First step is providing CxD log.

I’m pretty sure it’s due to overscan, as when I play the DVD on my computer it works fine. Also, I know the DVD player isn’t at fault, as I’ve used it to play widescreen DVDs before. How do I get a CxD log to post?

Okay, posting to bump this and to clarify. I should’ve been much more clear, by “easy” way I mean one that doesn’t involve modifying the TV in any way. Is there some sort of way to burn a DVD with spacing around the edges or another way to deal with the overscan issue by modifying what I burn on the DVD?

If that same DVD plays fine on other systems then there is not much you can do.
There are lots of programs that allow you to resize video. Use some of them.
Is it easy - no. Is it worth it - no.

Read that linked topic again, make a DVD as suggested there and report how much you can see from those. Also report TV model and DVD player model. That info might give something, at least it might help others having same problem.

Videos should be composed so no important detail is included near the edges where it can be cut off with normal overscan. But many TVs use much more overscan than necessary.

We have to learn to accept it unless we are willing to get another TV or work on the old one. Putting black space around the edges might make your DVD look better on one TV but show the black space when played on another one with less overscan.

Your best bet may be to do as JJ suggested. Make a test DVD, check amount cut off on both your TVs, report back with info that others may find useful, then live with it :slight_smile: .