ConvertXtoDVD shaky picture

Please advise how to stop a shaky / jittery picture from a camera AVi file for PAL home DVD. It seems to be with the panning and quicker movements particulrly. The original file on PC played through Win media Player does not do this.
Advice please

If you mean comb-effect - sharp lines in edges, that is result of interlaced movie.
You need to convert that movie to progressive first.
Some cameras are cheating - they claim to have 30FPS video, but it actually is 15FPS interlaced. When this is played on PC, it looks ok. But when converted - result is bad.

perhaps that is what I mean- all I know is the effect is a wobbly type of movie -I will try to ‘convert to progressive’ first -

What/ how do I do that?

The home movie is on a digital sony camera.