ConvertXtoDVD refuses to burn after convert



lost most control of my fingers so pleaqe bear with me, it hurts like hell 2 type.

for some strange reason ConvertXtoDVD refuses to start a burn, i get the burn requester and even though there is a blank DVD in the drive (current 3 writers are installed) the requester still says “please unsert a writeabble media in the selected Device, the burning process will start automaticallly.”

i eject the blank and insert another but the message remains and the Burn button is still ghosted. What the heck is going on?
i even try selecting another writer all 3 say (idle) in the selector.

this is the official Site for Vso isn’t it? i wanna buy other of their products but hpefully they are more uptodate…and that there is a real support that answers questions. i’m tired of buying 1/2 baked software (not saying this is but it could have used more in house testing before release and or more informative documentation)
All in all i bought it to convert .rm files to DVD andthe conversion part seems 2 works. just there could be more clarification on burning multiple programs or files into 1 DVD.


Duhhhhhhhhhhh… i had a 100 pk or Riteck DVD+R 16x and at least 25-30 of them say capacity 00.00.01. not finalized from nero info.
Bad Disks!!!