ConvertXtoDVD Question


I recently purchased the ConvertXToDVD software after trying the trial version. I made a movie in Windows Movie Maker and saved it as a .wmv. ConvertXToDVD accepted this file, burned it, and I was able to successfully play it on my DVD player.

However, now that I am ready to burn the project I originally intended to use the software for, I can’t get it to work.

I have made other test files, all of which ending in .wmv (the same extension as the successful one) and none of them will load. ConvertXToDVD has an error message that reads “FileE/TEST.wmv” ignored. Unknown file format.

I am stumped. The files that I have made appear to be identical to the original, sucessful one. Please help!

Try changing the file name to something without the “/” in it.

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