ConvertXtoDVD Question



Great program! When I make my DVD the movie comes out in full screen and I would like to keep it in wide screen. I have checked all of my settings, I think, but still get the same results. The movie plays in wide screen on my PC and in the preview window while converting but the output DVD is always full screen. Anyone have a clue what the operator error may be?:bigsmile:
Thank you.


I set TV format in automatic and works fine for me.




When you select 4:3 and 16:9 in ConvertXtoDVD, your only telling it what kind of TV you will be watching it on.

It’s real important to check the Aspect Ratio of the input file.

If it’s not a true 4:3 or a true 16:9 it’s absolutly normal to get some black bars on top/bottom, on the sides etc…

Now loosing some video on each sides, maybe caused by “Overscan” or CRT TV, which VSO can’t do much about !

Google OverScan !