ConvertXtoDVD Quality/Size Question



I’ve converted 2 avi files to dvd using the medium quality setting, both have ended up being 2.42gb. My question is if I use the high quality/slow encoding setting will it fill up the entire the dvd?


Hi there,

Please provide us a full conversion log.

If your input files are low quality, you probably already have the best ConvertXtoDVD can do with those files. :iagree:

Check your logs, when I get the best, I usually get something around 8300kb/s bitrate output :smiley:


Yes, unless you avis don’t have enough bitrate to fill the space even when using their maximum bitrate.


Go to “Settings - Encoding”, choose “Low quality, Fast encoding” to have a try.
Almost all dvd creators have [B]only[/B] three different output DVD video quality adjusting options. If users can set the ‘output quality’ to any value by draging a setting bar, it will be better. This will prove they can fit output videos to DVD-R.


File size determines audio/video sync pblms.

Took (1) 0.98 GB song Avi made from Adobe 6.5
Processed with ConvertXtoDVD
Result = ok

Took (1) 0.98 GB song Avi made from Adobe 6.5
Added it 7X to total 35 min
Processed with ConvertXtoDVD
Result = ok

From earlier tests, 7.5 GB and 18.5 GB files had sync pblms with audio / video. Files 0.98 GB synced ok - even when added to ConvertXtoDVD seven times (multiple times) to mimic a larger file.


What are you referring to LF1456?
Your post is not responding to topic.

And - if you jsut copy same GOOD file over and over, it is NOT the same as using big BAD file.


was wondering if anyone knew how to sustain video color when converting .avi.

I downloaded a video, opened up ConvertXtoDVD, loaded the video and set the encoding at high quality/slow encoding, set the conversion at highest priority and it averaged a 4800kb/s bitrate. I burned it and noticed the color was a slight bit foggier than the downloaded copy.

Anybody know how to replicate the original file accurately without sacrificing a little color? :confused:


Youwill rarely get anywhere near the bitrate of full length Mpeg 4 movies when converting to Mepg 2. Mpeg 4 does much more compression, so there’s no way to preserve all that data in an Mpeg 2 file unless you can make your final file many gigs larger.


Which would probably be a good idea & then shrink to fit with DVD Shrink or CloneDVD.


What is the use of first keeping all detail and produce DVD-9 result if you then shrink it to DVD-5?
Quality is lost - shrinking is good for non-important data like menus, extras etc, but if final movie original DVD is larger that 7Gb then shrinking it to DVD-5 will decrease quality noticeably.