Convertxtodvd problems

Hi, I’m new to this game so you’ll have to excuse my lack of knowledge. I have been reading reviews and forums regarding converting divx and xvid files to dvd and this software seems to be highly regarded. I have tried converting several files to date and have had no joy with my pc freezing at various stages during the process. I am at my wits end as I’ve checked temperatures/ voltages for hardware problems, downloaded codecs and G-Spot indicates I have correct codecs for files but my system still freezes. I have no problems copying DVD’s with DVDClone so have run out of ideas…HELP!!!



Do you have enough diskspace?
Did you check screensaver, it should be off or at least not returning to user selection during conversion.

One simple thing to try - take out your RAM chips, then blow out dust from their sockets, put them back in making sure they are properly in.
Then clean CPU heatsink, blow out all dust in it, clean also all cooling fans.

And last resort - use HiJackThis to check your system.

I have over 20GB of free disk space. Screensaver is off - I’ve actually run enditall to stop all unnecessary processes. I am currently running Prime95 error free, max temperature 56 and voltages stable (monitoring with MBM5). I’ve also recently removed CPU and applied new coolant and added extra fans. All indications point to hardware but I’m not so sure with all the checks I’ve done.
AMD Athlon XP1800+
Chaintech 7VJD MB
Chaintech G-Force 4 MMX440 Graphics
Windows XP SP2
BenQ DW1640

If you can try conversion on some other system with same files then you can be sure that files are ok.

However, that system seems to be few years old, so there might be lots of problems simply due that fact.
I have encountered a few systems that were having mysterious crashes, I tried swapping EVERY changeable component but no luck. Last I change motherboard, and problems are usually fixed. I suspect that those old motherboards are simply worn out from daily use and are producing some small erronous connections that are causing these resets.
This could be traced with proper equipment, but it is not worth it with current motherboard pricing.

Hi All,

I just managed to complete conversion of all my files with no problems when I am in Windows XP safe mode. Anybody got any quick solutions to diagnosing the problem?