Convertxtodvd problem




Recently caught nasty viruses so I had to uninstall some programs and delete movie files + RUN av scans as well as online av scans. I also dl anti spyware protection etc. Now my pc is running smoothly, not as fast as before, but everything seems to work fine. But the only program I am having troubles w/ is convertxtodvd. When I reinstalled , encoding speed/ burning got slower.
My encoding speed whether I set it on low/medium/high is always around range of .50x-80x, rarely going higher than .84x. I donot burn at 4x, only at 2.4x nowadays. I never had a problem w/ skips /freezes/ pixelation, but now I do. I use same media and dvd player, so i think it can’t be the media disc I choose. So as you can tell it takes me 3-4 hrs encoding a movie then another 40min-1hr burning for a 2hr movie. I have registered version. I tried about 4 versions of convertxtodvd and they are all the same now- still slow speeds. I just want to know what went wrong, is it because I haven’t completely cleaned pc? or is it a drive problem? I am not intermediate computer user, I only know basic stuff… so I can’t really pinpoint what went wrong. Also I have defragged ( using something other than windows defrag) and I have atf cleaner etc. I also have cc cleaner and use it all the time. Also, when I use convertxtodvd I close ALL programs that I don’t need, thinking that it would go faster, but alas, it doesn’t work. Any suggestions into fixing problem would help thanks!