ConvertXtoDVD problem



im trying to burn 4 files to an dvd,
but only the first one in the list gets burned!!
what have i done wrong?
all the four files are in the list!! and its not the size either… help me!



unless u create a menu for that disc…it will only burn the first one…when you create a menu it “authors” all 4 of those files then you can burn to dvd


All files will be burned if everything goes ok.
Correct settings are needed for continuous playback.

Full log is needed to give proper answer.


but of course i created a menu, the menu is perfect when i play the dvd!
all the files are there, its just that only the first one in the list is playable!


what settings do you think is wrong then?
i just add the four files and click convert, the first one goes fine and then it just dont burn the other three!?


as JJ mentioned a full log file is needed in order to see what has gone wrong you will find that here: C:\Documents and Settings\your name\Application Data\Vso


maybe try seamless playback or something…that’s bizarre though…