ConvertXtoDVD Problem

I have just started having a problem with ConvertXtoDVD
It was working fine up until yesterday (no new software installed)
Now when I convert and burn, the finished disk will not read/play in any
of my DVD players or even the DVD ROMs.
I have uninstalled it and installed it again reset it back to default, and still no joy…However I installed it on my son’s Laptop and it worked.

I also tried it on my mates PC and it also worked.
Do you have any idea why it would have stopped working and why it won’t work after reinstalling it???
It does not error in any way while converting.

Many Thanks.

Hi there,

Please provide us a full conversion log of that movie not working.

Do you need NTSC and it was converted in PAL ?

That happens when people use “Automatic” for the TV Format.

I live in Canada, and need NTSC so everthing conversion are forced to NTSC !