Convertxtodvd Problem with subs

Hi people, i’ve been using this software for long time, and is the best and easier soft for dvd, but i’ve had some problems with subtitles, sometimes i convert 4 some videos [i normally convert 4 .avi 350 mb each for dvd] i burn it and i get the subtitles messed, are there but are very down, i can see it just when are 2 lines, the thing is that it had happened with at least 3 dvds, but then i convert again and works, so what you think, is a problem of the subtitle file or what, and what can i do?


Try rerecoding the subs with Aegisub first.

the subs that i use are .srt, then do you mean to open the subtitles with aegisub and save it as .ssa ?

thx and sorry for the delay i was without internet