ConvertXtoDvd problem with burning

when the movie finshed converting to the dvd then it starts burning but the burning would not work somethin comes up like "check your media device or put dvd in media device " what does it mean the dvd is alread in the disc rewriteble…?? can u plz help me

Hi there,

Do you have more than 1 burner ?

In the settings, you probably have [X] Burn results to DVD.

Also in the settings, you can set your default burner, and at what speed it should burn.

Make sure to have a DVD-R (+R) in your burner before you start the conversion.

If you use a DVD-RW (+RW) it will be automaticly [B]ERASE[/B] before it writes to it.

Provide us a full log of that conversion/burn process if you still have issues.

Note: Latest version is [B]v2.0.17[/B], and you can always get the latest version by using this link:

Good Luck !

hi .
what kind of dvd should i use??? and do i have to have a dvd writer to burn the dvd …coz i only have a cd writer would that still work…

coz when the conversion has finished it will start to burn but then it will say “The following will appear if no empty media has been placed in the drive. please insert a writable media in the selected device.” but there’s already a dvd in the device…
can u plz help meeee… :frowning:

Hi there,

VSO PhotoDVD and ConvertXtoDVD produces DVD Standard Files (.VOB) files :clap:

[B]Yes[/B], they need to be burned on a [U]DVD Media[/U], therefore you will [U]need a DVD Burner[/U], if you wish to watch those files on your living room DVD Player :iagree: