ConvertXtoDVD PAL>NTSC Subs are too low

Version Converting Pal to NTSC the subtitles are cut off at their bottoms. Going 16:9 to 16:9. Anyone have a solution?

not without more info.

What more do you need?


How about a Full Conversion log, so we can have all the details on your input file, subtitle files etc…

In the settings, you can change the position of subtitles (Default is 90%)

Move it to 80% and see if in this case it helps.

Didn’t retain the conversion logs.

  1. Only the VOB files survive the conversion no IFO etc.
  2. Tried changing the subtitles settings all the way down to 10%.
  3. Tried combinations of the TV format settings.
  4. Tried combinations of the encoding settings.
  5. Mounted an ISO and ran as DVD
  6. Ran a DVD to directory.

Can the program be flawed?

Logs are there. Just open CxD and view logs from it’s menu.

on a similar note, I just did a PAL to NTSC conversion and the subs came out in an almost unlegible black colour.

Works just fine with AVI’s.


drunkgoat I tried to reproduce your problem. and I think I did, the subtitles are grey with a white outline very ugly and seem to be there by default. I opened this up

Hi there,

VSO Bug #423

I think [U]maybe[/U] you are experiencing this bug, identified by [B]JJ[/B].

mine arent totally black and they dont deal with internal subtitles, but I bet it is related :slight_smile:


My default subtitles fonts are configured like this:

[B]Tahoma 18 BOLD White[/B]

External subs look ok !

Subtitles that are added, in srt of sub/idx format work just fine.
CxD uses userdefined colors and they show as they should.

Problem comes with some movies, color palette for subtitles has 16 slots.
Each slot can have any color.
Subtitles can use one color for letter color, one for outline, one for background and one for shadow.
Usually they are first four slots on palette, but not always.
When movie is using other slots than first four, this problem appears.
Subtitles are converted using first four, but there might be only black (or any other colors) in first four slots.
This problem is solved when CxD reads subtitle colors from .ifo, quite small addition to existing programming.
Hopefully we will see this in next version… if VSO has time to include it!

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Your logs show that you did not decrypt your original files? (you need external program to do it!)
Simply copying files from original DVD is not working as they are crypted and copyprotected.

I converted an .avi file with xtodvd using .srt subs but they were to low and i cant use them y tried changing subs position with same results. it happens to me sometimes if someone can help me… thank you