ConvertXtoDVD - Pal/NTSC conversion?

I’ve read older verisons had the ability to turn PAL AVI’s and make NTSC DVD’s is this true?
Is it possible to do with the newest versions?

Yes, it can convert PAL->NTSC and NTSC->PAL

yes newer versions can do it too, and convertxtodvd does a decent job of the conversions too. if you are using subtitles make sure they are in .srt format if you are doing a pal->ntsc conversion otherwise the output will be limited to the framerate the .sub/.idx subs were made at.

Wasn’t this a bug which is now fixed :clap:

There was a old bug where NTSC --> PAL would still stay NTSC because of the subtitles.

that bug has been fixed for .srt subtitles
but not for .sub/.idx subtitles yet

Confirm - not fixed for sub/idx pair as of today.

Hey JJ,

I didn’t know this was still an issue for .sub/.idx

Is there a bugs report on the VSO Bugs Site ?

Thank you !

Hello everyone,

VSO Bug #171 has been opened for this issue !

this is not properly said a bug, but a limitation inherent to what a IDX/SUB is.
IDX/SUB are 4 colors bitmap images encoded in RLE, with a given output resolution

So if a IDX/SUB is done for PAL, its bitmaps have the resolution of PAL (720576). If using this SRT for a NTSC segment (720480), the vertical resolution of the subtitle will be higher than the resolution of the underlying video - the best case is that you will not see the bottom of the subtitles, the worst will be the freeze of the player.

The SRT files doesn’t have such problem, as it is text we render at the required resolution.

To use any IDX for any output standard, we need to build up a decent subtitle images resizer, which is not as simple as it look. This will be done one day, as soon as our schedule will allow us to do so.

Thanks Fabrice, good response.

So if you want to change format from NTSC to PAL - better use srt-subtitles!

thanks for the reply, it only takes 5 minutes tops to convert from sub/idx to srt with subresync so its not that big a deal