ConvertXtoDVD only "sees" two of my burners



… And not the one I want to use! :confused: I have three burners installed in my system (BenQ 1620, Optiarc 7200A, and Samsung SH-202N) and Convert is only seeing two of them, the BenQ and the Optiarc. Windows, Nero, ImgBurn, etc see (and can use) all three so I’m pretty sure it’s working just fine. I looked on VSO’s website and can’t find anything about a limit on the number of drives Convert will see/use.

What am I missing here? I want to burn a VCD with the Samsung and it doesn’t show up on the list of available burners. :confused: I’ve restarted Convert, rebooted, full system shut down and pull power cord then restart, etc. is the version of ConvertXtoDVD that I have if it matters.

Any help will be greatly appreciated! :bow:


I just held my breath and updated to the latest version and now all three show up. YAY!!