ConvertXtoDVD now supports WMV, OGM Nsv, AVS, VC1

I just posted the article ConvertXtoDVD now supports WMV, OGM Nsv, AVS, VC1.

VSO was
kind enough to drop us a line today and tell us about this new release of
ConvertXtoDVD. They also announced that a more powerful, ConvertXtoDVD 4 is
coming soon, with a…

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I love this software!

Second that, great software worth every penny. :slight_smile:

This is what happens when a commercial company actually listens to their users and implements the things they want. I have been using it since the early betas and the change since then (and were not talking too long ago) is staggering. I hope others take note of this, this is the way to get a userbase that feels like they are being listened to. And the author(s) read CDFreaks as well, so they must have good taste :stuck_out_tongue:

I own it too and it is very good except on one point and that is conversion from PAL->NTSC. It looked really horrible after the conversion and was “boxy” or “pixelized”. I eventually used VOB blanker which did a better conversion but had some stuttering issues. If they could really fix those conversion issues then the software would be awesome, period.